Bella Vista
Frequently Asked Questions

Fees -- what fees, if any, are you paying when you rent "Bella Vista" from us?

We charge for rent, our cost for cleaning, and the required taxes.*  There are no hidden fees or other expenses.

We have owned Bella Vista as a personal vacation home and made it available for vacation rental since 1994, providing over 1000 multi-day guest rentals during these years. 
In addition to featuring our home on this "" website (the name stands for Affordable Comfort and VIEWS), we have listed it with Airbnb.  We will respond to inquiries made via "" with an independent quote and handle the subsequent booking and manage the rental details ourselves.  We do not charge a fee for these services.  We use PayPal as primary means for our guests to pay with their credit cards, following our guests' agreement to our no-nonsense rental conditions.  In most cases we even absorb the fees charged to us by PayPal for their services.  However, if guests make a reservation via Airbnb, they will be charged a service fee by Airbnb which will go directly to them. 

The upshot is that we offer our guests avoidance of substantial third-party service and booking fees by encouraging booking directly through us, without extra fees

* Eff. 1/1/2919 we are adding a 3.5% TSRA-STR Fee which is payable to the Sea Ranch Association and will be waived if the renter is a member of TSRA.