Alta Vista -- Frequently Asked Questions --

Resort Restrictions

Tahoe-Donner is a resort with strict homeowners association guidelines and assesses heavy fines if these regulations are not observed. These rules include, but are not limited to:

-- NO CHARCOAL GRILL (June - November) anywhere in Tahoe-Donner: this is a super-strict Tahoe-Donner Rule; use of gas grill in proper location is OK.
-- no littering: no trash may be left outside, except when securely locked inside the metal bear box (if it does not fit, guests must take it back home upon departure);
-- no light disturbance:  outside lighting must be off between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM, except for ad-hoc use;
-- no noise disturbances: no amplified music, or other noise disturbance, on balconies or anywhere else outside on private properties, at any time, 24/7;
-- no parking on road: renters' vehicles must all be parked in garage or on our driveway or private parking area
-- no smoking: anywhere on TD roads or the trail system (smoking is also prohibited inside of Alta Vista);
-- dogs must be on leash: everywhere at all times;
-- no trespassing onto neighboring properties (there are no fences!) or onto commons (stay on trails!);
-- no flying of drones or unmanned aircraft anywhere in Tahoe-Donner;
-- no clothes drying in view from neighboring properties or commons.

Our Renters will be responsible for all violations committed by their party, and for all penalties, irrespective of the amount of the security deposit previously paid for the rental.